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Gillians story; Noah was living in cramped conditions with his mum who was struggling with chronic illness, pain and fatigue, alongside heavy depression.

He was mostly housebound and bored because mum spent most days on the sofa in a darkened flat and they rarely went out of the house. Noah had to entertain himself and there was no routine in his day. He started to display a number of negative behaviours such as hitting, throwing and jumping on the furniture and he was making slower progress in his development.

Gill went to support the family. She offered consistent, gentle encouragement and identified activities mum and Noah could do throughout the week to increase their interaction and build a positive relationship – within mums physical capabilities. Gill provided meal plans and recipe cards to help an older family member to free-up mums energy for other activities and she helped mum to establish routines around eating, bedtime, storybooks and singing times.

Noah and his mum started to enjoy play time together and mum was thrilled when nursery reported a marked improvement in his learning and communication. Noah was feeling much less frustrated and his challenging behaviours all but vanished with this positive attention from mum. He had books from the local library and his mum was more relaxed because she was getting support from the Childrens Centre and a counselling service. He was feeling ready for school!

* Written up from a Home-Start CHAMS supported family case. Names have been changed


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