Trustees serve on the governing board and are responsible for directing the management and administration of the charity.
The board of trustees is responsible for ensuring that the charity runs effectively and within the parameters set out in its governing documents and by charity law

Trustees set and oversee delivery of the strategic plan and ensure the highest possible standards of governance. Home-Start CHAMS is an independent charity and a company limited by guarantee, which means that our Trustees have no financial liability.

Trustee Spotlight 


Simon, Our chair of Trustees talks to us about his role at Home-Start.

“I am a management consultant, and I’ve lived in Horsham for 25 years now.  I’m married to Helen Gaffney, an Architect, and we have two daughters, both now adults.  I’ve been a Trustee since 2016.

I became very interested in the work of Home Start after I was introduced by a friend.  I’ve always been interested in how families develop, and how family members support each other.  We have been fortunate to see our own daughters grow up to make us proud parents, and I’m interested in the importance and the challenges of bringing up a young family, and in the fact that young parents often find it difficult – simply because it can be tough.  I know from my work in business that good employers invest time and effort in training and supporting their employees. However, for most of us parenthood comes without a rule book or training, and it can also have the impact of making us feel very alone with any struggles. Sometimes all it takes is to have someone there to provide simple, practical help and emotional support to make a big difference.

When I learned more about Home Start, I became keen to get involved with whatever skills I could bring.  Fortunately, we have a diverse range of backgrounds and expertise on the Trustee Board, and this diversity helps us to see different angles and the bigger picture when we’re discussing governance issues.

I am always struck by the dedication and quiet professionalism of our Staff and Volunteers, and am privileged to play even a small part in supporting what they do.  It’s one of those areas of work which sometimes has a low profile, but an enormous benefit to the lives of many parents and children.  As I’m writing in the middle of the Pandemic (I hope, in fact, that we’re well past the middle!), I can see that the value of what our organisation does can only increase in the near future.”