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There is no rule book for raising a family and sometimes it can seem overwhelming, particularly if your family is going through difficult times.
If you have a child under five and live in Crawley, Horsham or Mid Sussex, we may be able to help.
Life was very stressful, I found daily life difficult and I felt lonely. I was feeling very overwhelmed at being a single mum and being in a new area where I didn’t know anyone.

Mum, Horsham

Are you struggling with any of these issues?
  • Feeling isolated, with no family nearby and struggling to make friends
  • Dealing with the extra demands of having twins or triplets
  • Being a young parent (under 25)
  • Suffering with post-natal illness but finding it hard to talk to anyone about it
  • Having a hard time coping with your own or your child’s illness
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the death of a loved one
  • The emotional and physical demands of having young children
  • Providing the basics for your children